I'd like to use the Greek letter qoppa in a formula in an otherwise non-Greek document. I tried using the greekoption for babelbut that turned my document into Greek letters. By default, \qoppadoesn't seem to be defined.


Since the qoppa is a stylized symbol, there's probably no need to try and find a version suitable for any font.

Since you want it in math, the simplest thing is to define a stripped down version of the LGR encoding.


        <-6>    grmn0500
        <6-7>   grmn0600
        <7-8>   grmn0700
        <8-9>   grmn0800
        <9-10>  grmn0900
        <10-12> grmn1000
        <12-17> grmn1200
        <17->   grmn1728
        <-6>    grxn0500
        <6-7>   grxn0600
        <7-8>   grxn0700
        <8-9>   grxn0800
        <9-10>  grxn0900
        <10-12> grxn1000
        <12-17> grxn1200
        <17->   grxn1728

  \ifnum\pdf@strcmp{\math@version}{bold}=\z@ bx\else m\fi






enter image description here

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