I have a problem in the brackets of the following code:

  S = \int d^Dx \left\{ \mathscr{L}_{m=0} - \frac{1}{2}m^2(h_{\mu \nu}h^{\mu \nu} - h^2)
    - \frac{1}{2}m^2F_{\mu \nu}F^{\mu \nu} - 2m^2\left(h_{\mu \nu}\partial^{\mu}A^{\nu} 
    - h \partial_{\mu}A^{\mu}\right) \right. \nonumber \\ 
    + \left. \kappa h_{\mu \nu}T^{\mu \nu} - 2\kappa A_{\mu}\partial_{\nu}T^{\mu \nu} \right\}

which has the output

output of the code

As you see, the bracket in the second line has a different size than the corresponding bracket in the first line. I tried to use \Big\} and also Bigg\} but although they give same sized brackets in both lines, this time the size differs from the original size I obtained when I use \right\} command. \Big\} gives a smaller size while Bigg\} gives a bigger one. For the proper look of my document I should have the sizes of the brackets same everywhere. So I need a way to change the bracket size of the second line while keeping the bracket in the first line as it is. Can anybody help?


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Using a fixed size is the correct approach here, perhaps you want \bigg which is between \Big and \Bigg but you should use \biggl\{ and \biggr\} to get the correct open and close spacing.


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