How can I make TexStudio autocomplete the commands in gb4e such as \begin{exe}? It doesn't suggest \begin{exe} automatically and doesn't autocomplete \end{exe}.



See TeXStudio FAQ: Why does a comman not show up in the completion?


You should look under Options->Configure TeXStudio->Completion and check the packages you want TeXStudio to search through when autocompleting commands.

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    Thanks, but I can't find gb4e in the list. – mango tango Apr 8 '15 at 8:47
  • @mangotango That might mean that the autocompletion file is not available for this package. You can, however, create your own, as documented in the TeXStudio manual – Fato39 Apr 8 '15 at 9:16

I know this question is somewhat old, but I found myself in a similar situation yesterday and I think I have found a solution that might help others.

When I opened TexStudio today, some commands that did not autocomplete yesterday were working fine, but others were not. Also, I clearly remember that all commands autocompleted before.

So, here is what I figured out today. If you put all your commands in a separate file like me, TexStudio will detect them for the autocompletion unless those files are opened at least once. I found that everything was working fine after I opened all my command and packages files. I could close them afterwards and everything still works. If I close the TexStudio app, then I have to reopen the files otherwise the autocomplete does not work properly.

Hope this helps others !

Note that I use TexStudio on MacOS Sierra. I can't say if this makes a difference.

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