I want to cite mathematica and generate something like following-

Wolfram Research, Inc., Mathematica, Version 8.0, Champaign, IL (2010)

I tried @misc this way-

author={Wolfram Research},
title={Mathematica 8.0},
journal={Wolfram Research Inc.},
address={Champaign, Illinios},

All I could generate was this one- Wolfarm, R, Mathematica 8.0. 2010

Please help me to write proper command.

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    Can I have a minimally working example? (especially interested in the options from your bibliography package). – Konstantinos Apr 8 '15 at 19:43
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    Which bibliography style do you use? – Mico Apr 11 '15 at 5:01

My suggestion is to use BibLaTeX. The BibLaTeX has a @software entry type (is similar to @misc), and a version field:

  author = {{Wolfram Research, Inc.}},
  title = {Mathematica 8.0},
  url = {https://www.wolfram.com},
  version = {0.8},
  date = {2010},

If found this solution for R (here), which I think is a good solution as well

    title = {Mathematica 8.0},
    author = {{Wolfram Research Inc.}},
    year = {2010},
    url = {http://www.wolfram.com},
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    The important bit here, that keeps the author name from being abbreviated are the double {{}} – sheß May 2 '16 at 13:39

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