This is my first time in latex editor. I'm using texmaker + miktex 2.9 and i have problem with first document.

I tried do something like this :





And it doesn't work with polish letters, why? Instead of "śśś" i got somekind of weird signs. I installed babel package.

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    Welcome to TeX.SE! Things look alright if you change the option of the inputenc package from cp1250 to utf8. – Mico Apr 8 '15 at 15:12
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    Depending on how your editor is set up, you need to tell LaTeX the right option for package inputenc. Most modern editors use utf8 per default. – Johannes_B Apr 8 '15 at 15:15
  • Thx for help, it works ;) – Hadson Apr 8 '15 at 19:32
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    I'm voting to close this question as off-topic because the issue is due to a wrong input encoding of the file – egreg Oct 1 '16 at 20:43
  • Right, this helped me so maybe someday help someone else. Put one of the comments as answer and i will accept it ;) – Hadson Oct 1 '16 at 21:13