I am working with the beamer class and using the movie15 package to embed videos into a pdf document.

I notice that when I includde mp4-format videos the embedded player does not include run time information (i.e., a counter/timer like you typically would have on a DVD player which shows you where you are within a given video with respect to time). When I embed a wmv-format video file, this player does include time information in the space above the player controls and below the video images. I could just reformat my mp4 clips into wmv, but I prefer the look of the player as it appears in the mp4 format.

Is there a way of getting the mp4-format player to include a timer which shows the passage of time while the video is running? I don't really care whether the time information were to appear outside the video images as part of the player or, on the other hand, superimposed upon the actual video frames.

I consulted Alexander Grahn's movie15 documentation to no avail.

Here are the specifics of my tex document (MiKTeX 2.8, TeXnicCenter):


\title[\textit{Teaching ...}]{Ballrooms and Buses ...}
\date{July 8, 2011}




%lots of sections and frames, among these:

\section{Mink-Wearing ...}


\includemovie[toolbar,autoclose,poster,text={\includegraphics[width=9.1cm, height=4.8cm]{HMspeech.png}}]{9.1cm}{4.8cm}{HMspeech.mp4}

\caption{... Acceptance Speech}



%more sections and frames leading up to:

\section[Dance]{Dance: ...}

\begin{frame}{... and Dance}



\caption{... Rumba (2003)}



%more sections and frames


Should anyone have taken time to read my question: Thank you!

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    How is this off topic? movie15 is a latex package. – kmac May 12 '17 at 11:54

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