I just realized there's a LaTeX package for printing the text of "lorem ipsum".

Surely then, there's also a macro / package for writing "LaTeX" (with the proper super-/subscript) in a document.

But I found googling for this a bit hard. ("LaTeX macro"? Probably not.)

Can any of you groks help me out here?

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    It's simply \LaTeX. You don't need a package for this. See How to write (La)TeX (with braces) or any other TeX-related logo Jul 22, 2011 at 8:54
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    I'd add here that some people (including me) feel that using a logo in running text is not a great idea. Thus I favour just 'LaTeX' (Really, even this is a bit questionable, and 'Latex' would be been the best choice. However, that is a battle long-lost.)
    – Joseph Wright
    Jul 22, 2011 at 9:25

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The command \LaTeX should produce what you want. You'd probably want to add a \<space> after it if used inside a sentence.

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    /facepalm... somewhat obvious, is it? I actually tried \latex but didn't think to use the upper-/lowercase (since I was under the impression that LaTeX commands are always lowercase)... Thanks!
    – DevSolar
    Jul 22, 2011 at 8:58

This is covered in many tutorials like lshort. But here's a more complete list:

  • \LaTeX typesets the LaTeX logo
  • \LaTeXe typesets the LaTeX2e logo
  • \TeX typesets the original TeX logo. You can often use it to obtain other TeX-based logos.
  • \AmSTeX, \BibTeX, \SliTeX and \PlainTeX typeset what their names say. These are defined in the doc package.
  • \XeTeX, \XeLaTeX, \LuaTeX and \LuaLaTeX can be obtained with the metalogo package
  • e-TeX and some other logos are available in package hologo
  • Finally, you can get the METAFONT logo with the package mflogo

The metalogo package also allows you to customize the appearance of \TeX, \LaTeX, \LaTeXe, \XeTeX, \XeLaTeX, \LuaTeX and \LuaLaTeX logos, which is useful if you use a font other than Computer Modern.

See also https://texfaq.org/FAQ-logos.


Actually, the gmutils package contains some improvements: not only logos typeset using that package work better with non-CM fonts, but it also defines a \DeclareLogo command, which takes care of logos in PDF bookmarks.

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