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I am trying to implement a visual representation of linked list using tikz library.

The code written so far:


\tikzstyle{box}=[draw, fill=pink!10, text centered]
  \begin{tikzpicture}[node distance=0cm,outer sep = 0pt]
    \node (A) [box,minimum height=7mm, minimum width=7mm] {\textbf{12}};
    \node (B) [box,anchor=west,minimum height=7mm, minimum width=7mm] at (A.east) {\textbf{\textbullet}};

    \node (C) [box, anchor=west, minimum height=7mm, minimum width=7mm] at ([xshift=10mm]B.east) {\textbf{98}};
    \node (D) [box,anchor=west,minimum height=7mm, minimum width=7mm] at (C.east) {\textbf{\textbullet}};

    \draw[thick,->] (B.center) edge [bend left=0]  node {} (C);


Things are looking good except the arrow getting out from node B (first bullet) has also a tip. How can I get rid of this?

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