With this MWE idx file:


I obtain, with texindex -L french, the following line in the .ind file :

\subitem sauvage, 1--3

While I prefer

\subitem sauvage, 1, 2, \textbf{3}

which keepts the texbf.

I have overriden the default latex-loc-fmts.xdy by creating one file with the same name in my local directory.

It's content is

(define-attributes (( "textbf" "textit" "hyperpage" "default")))

(markup-locref :open "\textbf{" :close "}" :attr "textbf")
(markup-locref :open "\textit{" :close "}" :attr "textit")
(markup-locref :open "\hyperpage{" :close "}" :attr "hyperpage")

Is there another solution to define attribut priority than override this file ?

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