I just installed MiKTeX and LyX on my new Apple laptop (yosemite 10.10). When I open an old .lyx file or create a new one the eyes icon on the top left (cmd R) for creating a PDF is inactive, as well as the for other icons on the right. If I click in the documents settings on "use non TeX fonts" then the eyes are active.

One users on this group said he solved this problem by deleting the directory .../Libaray/Application Support/Lyx.../ and restarting LyX Unfortunately, I am not an expert and I can't find this directory.


I solved my problem. There was a conflict with an old version of Lyx on my max. So I deleted all directories Libary/Application Support/Lyx and reinstalled Lyx. Problem solved. best regards Jean-Christophe

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