I have the following code for displaying an algorithm:

  \caption{Compute index of nearest grid point given particle position (1D)}
    \Function{FindMeshIndex}{$position$, $nGrid$}
      \State $index=math.floor(position+0.5)+((nGrid/2)+1)$
        \State $index=nGrid-1$
      \Return $index$

enter image description here

The output places the endif and return statements on the same line. Is there some formatting nuance that I have missed?

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\Return doesn't issue a new line in the algorithm. You could force this through a redefinition:

enter image description here

  \caption{Compute index of nearest grid point given particle position (1D)}
    \Function{FindMeshIndex}{$\vars{position}, \vars{nGrid}$}
      \State $\vars{index} = \func{math.floor}(\vars{position} + 0.5) + ((\vars{nGrid}/2)+1)$
      \If{$\vars{index} = -1$}
        \State $\vars{index} = \vars{nGrid} - 1$
      \Return $\vars{index}$

\Return has been redefined to issue a \State first.

I've taken the liberty of defining \vars (for variables) and \func (for functions) which could improve your algorithm display.

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    Or, if you only use it once you could simply write "\State\Return" instead of "\Return". – marczoid Oct 18 '17 at 19:19
\State \Return your-text

will fix it.

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    I disagree with downvotes. The other answer fails to suggest this simple strategy. – egreg Jan 9 '18 at 7:17

In preamble:

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    How does this differ from the previous answers? – TeXnician May 9 '18 at 12:01
  • The two previous answers say: 1. \let\oldReturn\Return; \renewcommand{\Return}{\State\oldReturn} 2. \State \Return your-text – Alexandre Huat May 14 '18 at 9:09

Another simple solution is to add \\ at the end of the previous State.

\State bla.. bla.. bla.. \\
\Return bla..
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