I am trying to draw a nice multi-dominance. I find the gap between the two lines above "V" is ugly. Is there any way to move the lower end of the line in red square so that the two lines meet at one point right north of "V"?

enter image description hereThank you very much.


\begin{forest} where n children=0{tier=CV}{}
    [C, tier=CV]
    [\mo[, tier=CV, no edge][V, name=V, tier=CV]]
    [\mo, name=mo[, no edge, tier=CV]]]
    \draw (mo)--(V);


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\begin{forest} where n children=0{tier=CV}{s sep+=-.5em}
    [C, tier=CV]
    [\mo, name=mo1[, tier=CV, no edge]]
    [,phantom[V, name=V, tier=CV]]
    [\mo, name=mo2[, no edge, tier=CV]]]
    \draw (mo1.south)--(V.north);
    \draw (mo2.south)--(V.north);

I think this works.

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