I want to protect my e-mail address against spammers by including it as image instead of a (parsable) text. Normally I would have to create the image (with text) by myself and include this as figure. Is there a way of automatizing this (e.g. a package)?


You can use this with pdflatex --shell-escape


echo '\detokenize{\setbox0\hbox{\strut #2}\hoffset-1in\voffset-1in\pdfpageheight\baselineskip
\pdfpagewidth\wd0\shipout\box0\bye'|pdftex;convert -density 600 texput.pdf #1.png}}}%


some text with \hideemail{myemail}{david@example.com} an address


The exact command sequence written to the \write18 line depending on the utilities and operating system you have available. It uses plain pdftex to write a pdf just containing the address, then imagemagic convert to make a png.

the result is

enter image description here

However this gives absolutely no security to the email address, for example if I load the pdf (or even the png image of the pdf as uploaded to this site) into google docs it OCRs it automatically producing

 some text with david@example.com an address

as plain text.

If google can OCR that automatically on file upload, so can whoever you are trying to hide this from.

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