Consider the following MWE

  %   c_\ce{CO2} not working
  c_{\ce{CO2}} \quad c_\text{working}

which produce

enter image description here

Now: why do I have to embrace (all the puns intended) the \ce{CO2} macro with braces, while the \text{} macro doesn't need them? The commented text produces an error missing { inserted c_\ce{CO2}

  • The fact that \text works without the braces is purely incidental and should not be relied upon. See tex.stackexchange.com/a/160538/4427 – egreg Apr 18 '15 at 17:51
  • To explain what happens, the expansion of \text starts with {, which is then used for the subscript. – egreg Apr 18 '15 at 17:59
  • In the same way as \mathrm{}, as you explain in the question above? – Holene Apr 18 '15 at 18:00
  • Not completely the same, but basically so. I think I have already explained the behavior somewhere, and I'm trying to find it. – egreg Apr 18 '15 at 18:01

Let's see what amstext.sty says:

  {\textdef@\textstyle\f@size{\firstchoice@false #1}}%
  {\textdef@\textstyle\sf@size{\firstchoice@false #1}}%
  {\textdef@\textstyle \ssf@size{\firstchoice@false #1}}%

If we are in math mode, when \text{xyz} is found, TeX follows the “true” branch and so is presented with \text@{xyz} (because the \else...\fi is discarded.

Then it substitutes \text@ with its definition, that is,


and these additional braces keep _ happy. We must recall that _ in math mode causes expansion of the following tokens.

I guess that the additional braces were introduced just for avoiding unscrutable errors that _\text{xyz} would produce otherwise.

Unfortunately, it allows that kind of “wrong” input. It's much similar to what happens with _\mathrm{xyz}, that I have roughly explained in https://tex.stackexchange.com/a/160538/4427

On the other hand, the definition of \ce has nothing of this kind:

    \csname ce \expandafter\endcsname
        \csname ce \endcsname

This will definitely make TeX unhappy upon seeing _\ce{...}.

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