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Is it possible to modify the dash used in the bibliography to denote the same author by another symbol (e.g. a much longer dash)? Something like \renewcommand{\ibidendash}{\textemdash\textemdash}? The documentation shows how to turn off dashes, but not to modify them.

An example is the 50-style-authoryear.tex file.

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    The command is \bibnamedash and is defined in biblatex.def (and described in the manual). You can redefine it. But note that it is a more complicated macro than you might guess. If you are using a 'contributed' style, they might redefine it also, so you should check. You will also probably need to adjust the \bibhang length to accommodate the longer dash length. It is a length, so you \setlength{\bibhang}{<length>}.
    – jon
    Apr 19, 2015 at 3:36

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Here's a version which uses a rule set to a fraction of the length of \bibhang


    Address = {Cambridge Mass.},
    Author = {Noam Chomsky},
    Publisher = {{MIT} Press},
    Title = {Barriers},
    Year = {1986}}

    Address = {Dordrecht},
    Author = {Noam Chomsky},
    Publisher = {Foris Publications},
    Title = {Lectures on Government and Binding},
    Year = {1981}}

output of code

\setlength\bibhang{2.4em}%% two dashes and space

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