I am starting to write my master thesis in latex. So far I have only written article-like texts, so this is my first big document.

I would like to start with some good general good practices. Specially since I might go into academia and pursue a PhD.

What are good principles to keep in mind?. For example, do you have one single huge tex file, or do you have several smaller files for each chapter?

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    From the top of my head.... Use a good class template. Use top-down writing. Use environments and special-purpose commands for adding markup. Don't use add-hoc markup. When using TikZ, use styles. Use comments. Write your bibliography with biblatex (my choice). Use booktabs and or pdfplotstablewhen typesetting tables. Use pgfplots when typesetting data plots. Use siunitx when typesetting SI units.... – user10274 Apr 20 '15 at 10:30
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