When making a poster with tikzposter, is there a method by which one can put a figure outside of a block, or even just some text? For example, a university logo in the corner.

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Yes, you can: In tikzposter you are already in a big tikzpicture. Just place your nodes as usual. The center of the page is (0,0).

One can also mention that the class defines a coordinate bottomleft in the lower left corner and topright in the upper right, so these can be used to place stuff relative to corners.


\node [above right,font=\Huge] at (bottomleft) {LOWER LEFT};

\node [above left,font=\Huge,outer sep=2cm] at (bottomleft -| topright) {LOWER RIGHT};

\node [below right,font=\Huge] at (bottomleft |- topright) {UPPER LEFT};

\node [below left,font=\Huge] at (topright) {UPPER RIGHT};


Please take a look at the manual on CTAN. In section 4.1 you find the command \titlegraphic{} to add graphics to the title. Section 4.3 gives you some hints on the \note command to add text in a more or less arbitrary way. Does this help?

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