I am sorry if this is a repeated question, I could not find anything similar on the forum search.

How to adjust the space before the chapter heading without using titlesec package.

I tried this code but no luck:


It says that \chapterheadstartvskip is not defined.


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You didn't give the documentclass you are using. So I will let loose my guess that it is book. Here the default space above is defined by \vspace*{50\p@}. This can be patched as in this code:

\usepackage{blindtext,showframe}   %% just for demo

Adjust 20 in \vspace*{20\p@} as you wish.


I managed to find the answer. The class i am using is \documentclass{abntex2} which is based on the \documentclass{memoir} class

the fix for the chapter space was to combine the metric \beforechapskip with the redefinition of the command \chapterheadstart that somehow got lost inside the abntex2 package.


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