I have code for creating an index that refers readers to a page number and an example number. (The code is included in this answer, reproduced below for convenience. I happen to be using expex, but it could just as well be an equation number, for example.) I would like to use hyperref to generate links to the specific example, rather than just the page. Is there a way to do this? I am using xindy as an index processor.

\newindex[PageExample]{my-index}{idx}{ind}{My Custom Index}
\ex \lipsum[1]\index[my-index]{First example} \xe

\ex \lipsum[2] \index[my-index]{Second example}\xe

\ex \lipsum[3] \index[my-index]{Third example}\xe

\ex \lipsum[4] \index[my-index]{Fourth example}\xe

\ex \lipsum[5] \index[my-index]{Fifth example}\xe

\ex \lipsum[6] \index[my-index]{Sixth example}\xe

\ex \lipsum[6] \index[my-index]{Seventh example}\xe

  • Did you see this answer?
    – jon
    Commented Apr 23, 2015 at 4:38
  • Thank you, that is just what I needed -- that page, and some thinking about macro expansion! I've added my solution in an answer.
    – adam.baker
    Commented Apr 23, 2015 at 11:09

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Here is the solution, based on this answer.

\newindex[PageExample]{my-index}{idx}{ind}{My Custom Index}
\usepackage[hyperindex=false]{hyperref} % has to be after makeidx




\xindex{my-index}{First example}

% now make the code prettier:
    \ex %

\iex{Second example} \lipsum[2] \xe

\iex{Third example} \lipsum[3] \xe

\iex{Fourth example} \lipsum[4] \xe

\iex{Fifth example} \lipsum[5] \xe

\iex{Sixth example} \lipsum[6] \xe

\iex{Seventh example} \lipsum[7] \xe


There are two "tricks" to it. The first is that the a macro that creates a hyperlink is passed to \index as if it were a formatting command (e.g., \index{Joe|indexanchor} instead of \index{Joe|textit}).

The second trick is to use \edef to expand all of the needed macros before then calling it to call the \index macro. If \xindex had a call to \index outside of \edef, then it would write something like this to the .idx file: \indexentry {First example|indexanchor{example: \the \excnt}}{1-1}.

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