I may be doing something wrong but can't realize what...

I want to set a label for a piece of code represented by:

\lstinputlisting[language=Python, label={lst:control_os_call}, firstline=231, lastline=257]{./code/server.py}

so, I just try to link it using \ref


but I am getting a label missing error all the time (just for labels on \lstinputlisting). So... Should I import any specific package to reference those kind of labels or what am I doing wrong?

Thanks a lot :)

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You need to add a caption thats all

This is some python code


\lstinputlisting[language=Python,caption={some python code}, label={lst:control_os_call}, firstline=1, lastline=257]{server.py}

Here is the code~\ref{lst:control_os_call}

enter image description here

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