I have a document that starts with a LOC and LOF with references in the main body text and one reference in a figure caption. For some reason the reference in the figure caption is numbered 1 and listed first in the bibliography even though it should be 4.

I've loaded the notoccite package in the preamble and and the caption is written like:

\caption[Horiba LabRam PL Set up]{Horiba LabRam Photoluminescence Set up. Adapted from ~\cite{Horiba2014}}

But neither of those fixes seems to work. The bibliography style I'm using is unsrt.

Anyone see where I'm going wrong?


  • have you re-run bibtex since adding the [] argument to keep the \cite out of the list of figures? – David Carlisle Apr 23 '15 at 21:02
  • Ah yes thanks that's worked! I was compiling with Pdflatex+makeindex+bibtex so thought it would work but obviously you need to do bibtex on its own. – bonzo1984 Apr 24 '15 at 13:10

After correcting the \caption to use the optional argument to avoid using \cite in the table of contents, you need to re-run latex to generate a corrected aux file, then bibtex to regenerate the reordered bibliography, then latex again to typeset the corrected bibliography.

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