I am in the process of editing my final PhD. thesis using latex. I need to satisfy certain formatting criteria before I can submit my final thesis to graduate school.

One problem I am facing right now is how to change the left margin of LIST OF TABLES and LIST OF FIGURES to 1.25 inches (see the attached figure below). enter image description here

Currently, the left margins of all other sections are 1.25 inches and I would like to know to how to change the left margin of LIST OF TABLES and LIST OF FIGURES without affecting other sections.

I guess it has something to do with the following code, but I am not sure which line I need to change exactly

%% tocloft typesets ToC title, so we must give it our heading formats

\renewcommand{\listfigurename}{LIST OF FIGURES}
\settowidth{\cftfignumwidth}{Figure 00.00}
\renewcommand{\cftfigpresnum}{Figure }

I found two posts related to my problem but could not resolve my issue completely.

List of tables and List of figures right margin

List of Figures page Margins

It would be greatly appreciated if anyone could shed some lights on this issue.

Thank you

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The space on the left is called indent you can change it with cfttabindent{<value>} for tables and \cftfigindent{<value>} for figures like


Here are the default values (screen shot from tocloft manual)

enter image description here

\usepackage{showframe} %% for demo only
\setlength{\cfttabindent}{1.25in}    %% adjust as you like
\setlength{\cftfigindent}{1.25in}    %% adjust as you like
\chapter{some chapter}
\section{some section}
\caption{Some figure}
  \caption{some table}


enter image description here

For margins are violated bit, you have to provide the text. However, you may try adding \usepackage{microtype} to your preamble. In most of the cases this works well.


Answer to the problem with the margin violated by "graphene/substrate":

In general, \sloppy can help to alleviate linebreak problems in narrow tables. Here, however, it wouldn't. The linebreak algorithm fails when words are connected by a slash. You need to set breakpoints manually. graphene/sub\-strate should do.

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