The TexCalendarCompetition.Rnw refers to Nicholas Hamilton's code contribution to the TUG calendar 2015 (see Nicholas' answer for details)


These are the steps for debian jessie (currently aka debian testing) using texlive 2014 (updates: frozen):

  1. Install debian's R-package (current version: 3.1.1-1+b2):

    sudo apt-get install r-base-core

  2. Create a folder for testing (called e.g. TCC)

    mkdir TCC

  3. Download the bibcloud library (bibcloud_1.0.tar.gz) into the previously created folder

    (download location see Nicholas' answer)

  4. Extract the library

    tar xzvf bibcloud_1.0.tar.gz

  5. Copy the template (Rnw-file) and data (bibtex file: phd.bib) into the current folder

    cp bibcloud/.DynamciDocument/TexCallendarCompetition.Rnw ./TexCalendarCompetition.Rnw

    cp bibcloud/.DynamciDocument/phd.bib .

  6. Install dependent R libraries:

    Note: To install the libraries in system scope, start R with sudo

    sudo R

    install.packages("wordcloud", dependencies=TRUE)

    install.packages("tikzDevice", dependencies=TRUE)

    install.packages("scales", dependencies=TRUE)


  7. Install Nicholas' bibcloud library:

    R CMD INSTALL bibcloud_1.0.tar.gz

  8. (Try to) build the tex-file from the Rnw-file:

    R -e 'library(knitr);knit("TexCalendarCompetition.Rnw")'

  9. (Try to) build a pdf from the previously generated tex-file:

    latexmk -outdir=tmp -pdf TexCalendarCompetition.tex

    The resulting pdf-file (tmp/TexCalendarCompetition.pdf) contains only the error message "## Error: inherits(doc, "TextDocument") is not TRUE" (s. screenshot )

enter image description here

  1. Apply the following patch (details) to the bibcloud library:

    Note: I don't know whether it makes sense to update the version number.

    cat << EOF | patch -p0
    diff -Naur bibcloud/bibcloud.Rproj bibcloud_1.0.1/bibcloud.Rproj
    --- bibcloud/bibcloud.Rproj     2014-10-26 21:20:57.000000000 +0100
    +++ bibcloud_1.0.1/bibcloud.Rproj       2015-04-23 22:06:39.501517732 +0200
    @@ -1,4 +1,4 @@
    -Version: 1.0
    +Version: 1.0.1
     RestoreWorkspace: Default
     SaveWorkspace: Default
    diff -Naur bibcloud/R/cloud.R bibcloud_1.0.1/R/cloud.R
    --- bibcloud/R/cloud.R  2013-11-21 23:48:09.000000000 +0100
    +++ bibcloud_1.0.1/R/cloud.R    2015-04-23 22:07:05.749516333 +0200
    @@ -85,7 +85,7 @@
       lords <- tm_map(lords, stripWhitespace)
    -  lords <- tm_map(lords, tolower)
    +  lords <- tm_map(lords, content_transformer(tolower))
       lords <- tm_map(lords, removeWords, EXCLUDE)
       lords <- tm_map(lords, removePunctuation)
       lords <- tm_map(lords, removeWords, stopwords("english"))

    Note: The message "Hunk #1 succeeded at 85 with fuzz 2." does not appear in case the diff is applied using a patch file (instead of until EOF).

  2. Create archive bibcloud_1.0.1.tar.gz:

    tar -czvf bibcloud_1.0.1.tar.gz bibcloud

  3. Install bibcloud_1.0.1.tar.gz

    R CMD INSTALL bibcloud_1.0.1.tar.gz

    Note: I guess this command replaces version 1.0 by 1.0.1?

  4. (Try again to) build the tex-file from the Rnw-file:

    see step 8.

    Note: The command runs for some minutes, at least here (you can "watch" its activity using e.g. top or lsof)

  5. (Try again to) build a pdf from the previously generated tex-file:

    see step 9.

    Now the pdf builds fine, at least here.


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