I'm using gnuplot to graph some things and I have to embed the graphics in latex. The document class I'm using is article. I'm using an epslatex terminal in gnuplot so I get two files, a .tex and a .eps file. If both of them are in the same directory as the document .tex file, using this works:


But I have the figure in another directory, and I have to use:


I get an error saying that graph.eps was not found. This error points to a line in the graph.tex file:


So it's looking for it in the main directory instead of ../img/. If I change that line to


then it works, but I would like to make it look in the directory directly, because I have a lot of images and it would be hard to change it for all of them. Can I do that somehow?


For graphics, you can configure \graphicspath in the preamble of your document.

Here is an example:

    {.} % document root dir

Then, you just need to call the figure name when using \includegraphics. In addition, you can use \DeclareGraphicsExtensions{.eps} to avoid specifying the file extension at every figure.

Regarding the \input and \include commands, you don't need that ./ before. Just call the directory before the name of the file: \input{directory/filename}


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