I've got a LaTeX novel writing project with lots of character quotations. I use Focuswriter to create chapter text files (ASCII, UTF-8). There is no LaTeX markup in the chapter files. A LaTeX master file will include all the code, and have lots of \include{chapter} files, etc.

So, I need LaTeX to be able to understand that right and left quotes are not special characters, and I don't want to have to code them into the chapter files. Does UTF-8 add this automatically within LaTeX or XeTeX? Or, is there a package that understand those for pdfTeX or XeTeX?


Yes, LaTeX will parse the left and right quotation marks correctly if you tell it to parse the input with UTF-8 encoding.


enter image description here

  • can you edit the other question and post your code and image into the checkmarked answer of tex.stackexchange.com/questions/531/… so that if this question gets deleted, that the answer will be clear in the other question's answer? i.stack.imgur.com/4KBpe.png
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    @user12711 Duplicate questions aren't deleted, so don't worry about it. I see no need to edit the original question's answer, because the code provided there is essentially the same as my code in this answer.
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