I am aware of similar questions, but as they don't exactly use the same syntax as I am trying to do, I can't see what's different between my way of writing functions down and the others. Here's what I'm trying to do:




\begin{tikzpicture}[yscale=.5, xscale=.5, scale=3.5]
[school book axes,
visualize as smooth line/.list={f1,f2},
f1={style=blue, style=very thick,label in legend={text=$\frac{1}{x-1}$}},
f2={style=green, style=very thick,label in legend={text=$\frac{1}{x^2 - 7x - 30}$}}
data [set=f1, format=function] {
var x : interval[0.5:4];
func y = 1/(\value{x}-1);
}data [set=f2, format=function] {
var x : interval[0.5:4];
func y = \frac{1}{x^2 - 7x - 30};


What do I have to change? Thank you

func y = 1/(\value x - 1)

This results in:

enter image description here

  • \frac can't be used and you need \value before x. – user11232 Apr 27 '15 at 9:23
  • I tried many different ways. 1/(\value{x}-1) does not work neither. – Mac Apr 27 '15 at 9:28
  • Try func y = 1/(\value x - 1) – user11232 Apr 27 '15 at 9:31
  • BTW why not pgfplots? – user11232 Apr 27 '15 at 9:31
  • @Harish, this results in a crazy behaviour of the function. I upload image... (green function now log, I'm sorry, changing examples some times). / pgfplots I' not familiar with the different possible ways of plotting functions with tikz and stuff. What would be any easier implementation anyway? – Mac Apr 27 '15 at 9:32

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