I am working on some math that uses the square subset notation. I need a good way to strikethrough the character in LaTeX.

I have tried using the package "cancel" but the strikethrough it produces for the squaresubset character is ugly and looks out of place relative to ⊈ which looks quite nice.


You can prefix most mathematical symbols with \not in order to negate them. The following looks good according to me:

Did you know that $\mathcal{A}\sqsubseteq\mathcal{B}$? However, $\mathcal{A}\not\sqsubseteq\mathcal{C}$. Also, $\mathcal{C}\not\subseteq\mathcal{D}$.

square subset notation

Alternatively, as suggested by @Alan, there are some variants to this (as well as complete symbols) as part of txfonts/pxfonts, mathabx and mnsymbol packages. See the page 37 of Scott Pakin's Comprehensive LaTeX Symbol List for more details.

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    Actually I think that looks perfect! Thank you very much. – Ryan Jul 26 '11 at 17:39
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    Note that I mention most mathematical symbols. That is, you may find some symbols (perhaps very size dependent) do not have a 'perfect' look when negating them with \not. – Werner Jul 26 '11 at 17:46

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