I am trying to find out whether two references have the same author with natbib. But I seem to be unable to get basic string comparisons working. Without a deeper understanding, I have tried everything I could find (xstring, \detokenize, \expandafter\relax, ...). Nothing really works. I would be so glad if someone could fix my Test function.

    @article{ArticleX, author = "AuthorA", year = "2000"}
    @article{ArticleY, author = "AuthorA", year = "2010"}
    @article{ArticleZ, author = "AuthorB", year = "2010"}
    Oh, \cite{ArticleX} and \cite{ArticleZ} don't have the same author? \Test{ArticleX}{ArticleZ} Ok!

    But \cite{ArticleX} and \cite{ArticleY} surely have! \Test{ArticleX}{ArticleY} No, either??


This works:

% https://tex.stackexchange.com/questions/8981/

I still welcome more elegant answers, but this solves my problems.

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