The .bak files are same to be useless. However, it will generate .tex.bak and .bib.bak files every time when I edit my .tex files by WinEdt and .bib by JabRef.

So is there any way to remove .tex.bak and .bib.bak to the subfolder automatically? Or let WinEdt/JabRef not backup .tex or .bib files?

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    They shouldn't be useless. What's the problem exactly? – cfr Apr 28 '15 at 2:33
  • Like any insurance a backup is only useless until something goes wrong and you need it. – David Carlisle Apr 28 '15 at 7:31

You can change them in winedt through OptionsPreferences and then backup tab as in the following picture:

enter image description here

You can even create a sub folder by adding %p\Bakfolder\%n%t.bak so that all .bak files are created inside Bakfolder

Similarly in jabref, you can go to OptionsPreferences and then in File as in the picture ↓

enter image description here

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