MinionPro package options for figure selection don't appear to work under beamer. I'd like text figures in text mode (textosf) and lining figures in math mode (mathlf). In the example below, the numbers in math mode appear as text figures, not lining figures as expected.

I can hook figure selection into various commands/environments to get the desired effect, but this workaround (at least as I've implemented it) is messy. Is there a better solution?


\begin{frame}{Slide title}
  Math mode: $012345$, \(012345\),
  Text mode: 012345.
  Select lining figures: \figureversion{lf}012345, \(\mathlf{012345}\).

You need to use the professionalfont option. You get lining figures in math mode if you replace




(no 's'). Alternatively, you can use the professionalfonts font theme by issuing \usefonttheme{professionalfonts} in the preamble. By the way, the class option serif is obsolete; you should use \usefonttheme{serif} instead.

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  • So either \documentclass[professionalfont]{beamer} and \usefonttheme{serif} or just \usefonttheme{serif,professionalfonts}. Clearly I am not reading the documentation closely enough. Thanks for this! – Audrey Jul 26 '11 at 14:25
  • Yes, exactly. Clearly, it is unfortunate that the class option has a different name than the font theme. – Michael Ummels Jul 26 '11 at 14:30

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