I have the following structure (folders in italics)

  • master.lyx
  • parts
    • mst
      • mstCh1.lyx
      • preamble
        • packages.tex
        • preamble.tex
    • p1
      • p1Intro.lyx

Each lyx file imports preamble.tex located in parts/mst/:

  • master.lyx using \subimport{parts/mst/preamble/}{preamble}
  • mstCh1.lyx using \subimport{preamble/}{preamble}
  • p1Intro.lyx using \subimport{../mst/preamble/}{preamble}

It allows me to compile the files either on their own or from master.lyx, where mstCh1.lyx and p1Intro.lyx have been added as Child Documents.

preamble.tex contains among other things import{./}{packages.tex}

For strange reasons, everything works as expected except p1Intro.lyx which can not be compiled due to

\subimport{../mst/preamble/}{preamble} LaTeX Error: 'preamble.tex' not found.

even though the relative path is correctly set.

Using currfile does not help since the returned folder is always empty...

Any idea?

Edit After some tests I did this morning, it seems the relative path .. is not correctly interpreted. I just sent an email to the package's author, and update this post accordingly.


I am using a workaround and will edit this answer with the answer of the package's author.

Instead of using a .. in the \subimport command, I am simply using a symbolic link to the folder I am trying to reach.

In my current configuration :

  • I have created a symbolic link called preamble in the folder p1 pointing to ../mst/preamble with the shell command (Linux): `ln -s ../mst/preamble/ preamble
  • I am importing the preamble.tex file in p1Intro.lyx with \subimport{preamble}{preamble} which is now working! Moreover, it allows me to use the same command as the one used in the file mstCh1.lyx.

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