When making my document, in the bibliography at the end of each item there is a hyperlink to the page where the item was cited. But when I make the preamble in roman numbers the TOC may work fine, but not the bibliography. When clicking the page where cited, the link goes up to the preamble. Here is a sample code:


\usepackage[spanish] {babel} 
\usepackage[pdftex, plainpages=false, hypertexnames=false, pdfpagelabels=true,
hyperindex=true, linktocpage, pagebackref=true, pdfa=true]{hyperref}    




here comes my text


\phantomsection % To make hyperref link in TOC work correctly
\addcontentsline{toc}{chapter}{\bibname} % puts entry

Me, ``My project,'' October 2015.



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Remove hypertexnames=false or set it to true. hyperref's anchor names usually consists of the counter name and the counter value (like \the<counter>). But the latter can sometimes contain weird stuff or is not unique. Then \theH<counter> should be defined to contain the counter value part for the anchor names. hypertexnames=false is an emergency option, which uses the values of a unique counter, without relation to the referenced counter. Things like page references of the index or back references will not work longer.

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