I had seen the following resume in the net and wanted to replicate the same. enter image description here I tried out the following, but it does not seem to be working.

\section{Technical Skills}
\item \textbf{Languages} - [\textit{Proficient}] C, C++,Perl,Shell \\ 
            \hspace{25mm}- [\textit{Competent}] Java,Python,SQL
\item \textbf{Miscellaneous} :  Github, gdb , valgrind,

You can try the tabular environment to get the output like this:

\section{Technical Skills}

 \textbf{Languages}& - \textbf{\textit{Proficient}} C, C++,Perl,Shell \\ 
        &- \textbf{\textit{Competent}} Java,Python,SQL\\
\textbf{Miscellaneous} : & Github, gdb , valgrind,

enter image description here


How about:

Tech skilz:

\emph{Good:} Brainf*ck


\item[Stuff:] MS-DOS, CRAY computers

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