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I am using natbib for citation like so:

\usepackage[super, comma, numbers, square, sort]{natbib}

With normal citations, e.g.


this works as expected. But when i try to pass an optional argument like so:

\cite[Page 2]{some-ref}

it comes out wrong. The reference-number is put into brackets with superscript, but the optional argument is put outside of the brackets like normal text, like if I would write

\cite{some-ref}Page 2

How can I fix this? I want to have the whole citation, including the optional argument as superscript.

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  • Is that normal (in your field, etc.)? Having the page number in a superscript seems super odd. Won't people mistake the page number (or page range) as references to other bibliography items? – jon Apr 29 '15 at 17:38
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I solved my problem using the selected answer to this question:

Superscript page numbers with natbib

If your're reading this, I finally managed to succeed in a half-hour long journey through unsolvable captchas, buggy captcha-widgets and hijacking attempts on my clipboard that forced my to re-copy the link on every of my ~10 attempts to post this.

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