I have a figure that contains two images side by side. I want the first to be Figure 1 and the second image to be Figure 2. I'd like to have the caption written beneath both of them.


This is what I have right now.

  • Are they equally sized images? Both vertically and horizontally? – Werner May 1 '15 at 19:20

In essence you need to place each of the elements in a block. This can be achieved either via a tabular, or via a minipage (other options also exist). Below I've used a set of minipages:

enter image description here


    \caption{Some caption that is associated with the left figure.}
    \caption{Some caption that is associated with the right figure.}


Each minipage is aligned at the [b]ottom so that different-sized images (vertically) still have their captions aligned as expected. Of course, you can adjust this.

The width of the minipages are set to .45\textwidth, totalling 90% of the text block width. The remaining 10% is \hfilled to provide some gap between the captions (this necessarily pushes both boxes flush left/right with the text block). Again, you can adjust this to suit your needs.

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Use the floatrow package for that:



\ffigbox{\caption{discussion1} \label{fig:discussion1}}%



enter image description here

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