I'm working on my thesis using chemstyle. The numbering and the scheme work fine in memoir class when epstopdf package is not use. Here's the code that is working.




            \caption{Retrosynthesis of  expanding from}

I then use a modified memoir class and separate the sections into different .tex documents. But the error appears:

Process started: pdflatex -shell-escape -synctex=1 -interaction=nonstopmode "thesis".tex

This is dvips(k) 5.993 Copyright 2013 Radical Eye Software (www.radicaleye.com) ' TeX output 2015.05.02:1751' -> thesis-autopp.ps

 dvips: Font Times-Roman used in file retroexp.eps is not in the mapping file. </usr/share/texlive/texmf-dist/dvips/base/tex.pro> </usr/share/texlive/texmf-dist/dvips/config/alt-rule.pro> </usr/share/texlive/texmf-dist/dvips/pstricks/pstricks.pro>

  </usr/share/texlive/texmf-dist/dvips/pstricks/pst-algparser.pro>    </usr/share/texlive/texmf-dist/dvips/pst-tools/pst-tools.pro> </usr/share/texlive/texmf-dist/dvips/pstricks/pst-dots.pro> </usr/share/texlive/texmf-dist/dvips/psfrag/psfrag.pro> </usr/share/texlive/texmf-dist/fonts/enc/dvips/base/8r.enc> </usr/share/texlive/texmf-dist/dvips/base/texps.pro> </usr/share/texlive/texmf-dist/dvips/base/special.pro> </usr/share/texlive/texmf-dist/dvips/base/color.pro>. </usr/share/texlive/texmf-dist/fonts/type1/urw/helvetic/uhvb8a.pfb> </usr/share/texlive/texmf-dist/fonts/type1/urw/times/utmr8a.pfb>[1    <./retroexp.eps>


 Error: /undefined in --get-- Operand stack: blank --dict:15/15(ro)(L)-- space Execution stack: %interp_exit .runexec2 --nostringval-- --nostringval-- --nostringval-- 2 %stopped_push --nostringval-- --nostringval-- --nostringval-- false 1 %stopped_push 1916 1 3 %oparray_pop 1915 1 3 %oparray_pop 1899 1 3 %oparray_pop 1787 1 3 %oparray_pop --nostringval-- %errorexec_pop .runexec2 --nostringval-- --nostringval-- --nostringval-- 2 %stopped_push --nostringval-- Dictionary stack: --dict:1176/1684(ro)(G)-- --dict:1/20(G)-- --dict:123/200(L)-- --dict:5/6(ro)(L)-- --dict:181/300(L)-- --dict:45/200(L)-- --dict:197/210(L)-- Current allocation mode is local Last OS error: No such file or directory Current file position is 141251 GPL Ghostscript 9.10: Unrecoverable error, exit code 1

Process exited with error(s)

Here's the root file:

 %!TEX ROOT=thesis.tex


 % List of Schemes

 % not yet know how to make it simpler
 % feel free to change it

% to override chemstyle using memoir command

 % make new command \listallcontents to list ToC, lof, lot, los, loacr, loapp
% modify here for any new list
% the order of the list determines the sequence which they would appear in the output

% make scheme caption on top of scheme




    \title{blah blah blah}
  \degree{Doctor of Philosophy}

    % load acronym definitions from separate file

    \acknowledgements{Thanks guys. I owe you many.}

   \listallcontents % list ToC, lof, lot, etc...







And here's the modified memoir file:


The file's tex root is thesis.tex. Chemstyle should have converted retroexp.eps but thesis-pics.pdf, which is blank, is found instead. If I use epstopdf package as well. Then, the scheme is correct but the marker 'TMP' is still there.

Can someone help me to interpret the error message? Thank you!

  • I get no error if I use an EPS file I had on my system. – egreg May 2 '15 at 11:02
  • But I use my own modified memoir class. That's when the error comes. I also wonder if separating the section into different .tex file had caused the error. – bk.ong May 3 '15 at 22:34
  • Without an example that doesn't show the bad behavior, I can only look into my crystal ball, which doesn't say much, I'm afraid. – egreg May 3 '15 at 22:36
  • But then if I show it here there are too many files. Is it ok to post so many file on the forum? – bk.ong May 3 '15 at 22:39
  • Welcome to TeX SE! Font Times-Roman used in file retroexp.eps is not in the mapping file. This strongly suggests that the problem is that the EPS file uses a font which your TeX system knows nothing about. If you compile with unmodified memoir does the error go away? – cfr May 3 '15 at 23:15

Finally solved it. The only changes is mathptmx to tgtermes. And, in hyperref option, disable breaklinks and set implicit=false.

Therefore, in UMalChemThesis.cls:


  \RequirePackage[implicit=false,pdfborder={0 0 0}]{hyperref}

Thanks to Johannes_B

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