I have a paper with an equation in the title, and I would like to include the equals sign in the pdf metadata by using the hyperref key "pdftitle", by including it as in the following:

\hypersetup{pdftitle={P = NP}}

But when I typeset this, the metadata stops just after the P.

So my question is, how can I get the symbol = to appear in the pdf metadata with hyperref?
I'm using TeX+DVI, in case that matters.

After Ulrike kindly pointed out the there was no problem. I tried to just restart to see if the problem evaproated... and it did! I'll leave this up in case someone else has something similar happen.

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This works fine for me. The Reader shows the title P = NP with both compile routes (pdflatex, latex+dvips+ps2pdf)

\hypersetup{pdftitle={P = NP}}

I'm using hyperref.sty 2010/06/18 v6.81g Hypertext links for LaTeX

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