I want to refer equations and figures from the previous chapters(showing in structure). I have to find the label from that chapter each time which is consuming more time. I want pop ups for all equations and figures in the whole document.(currently it is showing equation pop up for that chapter only)

  • This is clearly an editor problem. Untill you specify the editor you are using, we cannot help you. Also, do you have separate .tex files for each chapter? – alesc May 6 '15 at 7:11
  • I have installed texmaker 4.2 and I am having windows 7 OS. I have separate .tex files for each chapter. – maulik May 6 '15 at 9:43

The reason for seeing references only on a per-chapter basis is the following: you have not set a master document.

In order to do so, open the main .tex file in Texmaker (the one with all the input/includes of all your chapters). Then select Options / Define Current Document as "Master Document".

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  • Thank you very much. Your answer was useful to me. It worked successfully. – maulik May 6 '15 at 9:57
  • No problem. It is customary that if an answer helps you solve the issue, you mark it as "Accepted answer". – alesc May 6 '15 at 10:15

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