Even though it seems to be a non-standard position, I'd like to place my document's page numbers vertically centered in the outer page margin – i.e. where you usually have your thumb when you skim through a book.

How can I achieve that with scrbook? As far as I can see the only predefined positions for page numbers are in the header and footer.

  • Thanks Gonzalo and egreg, both of your solutions work. I prefer egreg's one because it goes without an additional package and because it's way beyond my LaTeX skills :) p.s. I'm sorry to post this as an answer to my own question, but SX doesn't recognize me. I guess it's because I posted the question as unregistered user and now I'm registered (even though I used the same email address - anyways). Also I'm sorry for not being able to mark the question answered and give credits :( – Matthias Jul 29 '11 at 20:38
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Another solution with only KOMA-Script tools (and some low level trickery):

  \vbox to 0pt{
    \hbox to 0pt{\Huge\normalfont
      \if#1o\kern 2em\else\hss\fi\thepage

I use the normal footer, putting into it a zero height box that contains a zero width box that is raised to the center of the text block; in it the page number is typeset shifted on the right or on the left depending if we are in an odd or even page.


You can use the background package; a little exampe:






You could also use KOMA-Script package scrlayer-scrpage. It is the successor of the deprecated package scrpage2.

scrlayer-scrpage uses layer to declare pagestyles. So you can declare a new layer for the pagenumber in the outer margin and add this layer to pagestyle scrheadings and plain.scrheadings. Note that after loading scrlayer-scrpage pagestyle scrheadings is set and pagestyle plain is redefined as an aliaspagestyle for plain.scrheadings.




\usepackage{blindtext}% <- only for dummy text

results in

enter image description here

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