What is the LaTeX code for this kind of arrow:

Double Arrow from A to B and C

These are useful in chemical kinetics and parallel reactions...

Also how to draw arrows for redox reactions?

Redox arrows

I mean those arrows above and below...

(here i drew it using MS-Word!)

Thanks a lot!


Redox reactions can be typeset using the chemmacros package. The manual has a number of examples. Here is a quick try:



  "\OX{o1,Zn}" \sld{} + "\OX{r1,Cu}" {}^2+ \aq
  "\OX{r2,Cu}" \sld{} + "\OX{o2,Zn}" {}^2+ \aq
\redox(o1,o2)[->]{\small oxidation (2 electrons lost)}
\redox(r1,r2)[->][-1]{\small reduction (2 electrons gained)}


enter image description here

The first question is answered here: Forked arrows with chemfig

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