A few months ago, I asked for help with formatting curly braces next to bullet points, which worked very well.

However, I have tried to take that code and use it in beamer, which is unfortunately telling me it doesn't recognise the \dimexpr command, and so I'm having some trouble.

The code I am using is in the link below, can anyone advise me on how to achieve this or something similar in beamer?

Bullet points and curly braces

Thank you


The following work for me. Do I miss anything?

  \item Riemann Sum

  Trapezoidal Rule

  Simpson's 1/3 Rule
      \text{\parbox{2in}{Newton Cotes formulae of different degrees}}}$

  Simpson's 3/8 Rule

enter image description here

BTW beamer doesn't have any hatred for \dimexpr FYI.

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