I have an issue with urls and urldate. The line is a little bit too long for one line, but I have no idea how to fix a manual linebreak in urldate.

I've had a look into the bbl-file, but the urldate-field consists of three fields (urlday, urlmonth and urlyear).

Do you have an idea how to fix this issue?

Edit: At first, I tried to use https:// instead of http:// for a simple solution, but that didn't work. That's why you see https:// on the screenshot.

Thank you, S

Here is my biblatex-entry and the package definition:

title = {Bogosort},
author = {Wikipedia},
citeseerurl = {http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bogosort},
urldate = {2014-10-18},
url = {http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bogosort},


enter image description here


Thank you for your answers, \raggedright may be an option. Everything compiles fine, but the line with Bogosort is too long.

See: enter image description here


Try setting \setlength{\emergencystretch}{3em} before printing the bibliography, according to this answer.

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