I recently purchased a new computer and reinstalled Miktex 2.9, with WinEdt 9.0. By and large everything works until I tried to compile a document with a bibliography and nothing happened. I tried to compile the same document with TexWorks, and it worked beautifully, hence a problem (I suspect) with WinEdt 9.0. My MWE is:

\author{Joe Bloggs}

Is anyone able to suggest what may be happening? WinEdt gives me this message when I try to BibTex the file:

enter image description here

The .bib file is:

Title                    = {Lonely Hearts of the Cosmos},
Author                   = {Dennis Overbye},
Publisher                = {MacMillan},
Year                     = {1991},
Address                  = {London},
Timestamp                = {2015.05.11}}

Thank you for your help!

The log had this to say: enter image description here

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