I am trying to do a fancy resume and I want to include in it a pie skill chart (see image below). Any Idea on How Can I create this image in Latex.

Thank you for your help, Cheersenter image description here


Here you have an starting point. A central circular node is surrounded with some wide arcs. Change line width, colors and angles according your taste.


     border/.style={line width=14mm}]
\foreach \angle/\col [remember=\angle as \last (initially 0)] in 
    {90/blue, 125/cyan, 160/green!30!black, 210/green, 270/orange, 360/red}{
        \draw[\col, border] (\last:2cm) 
             arc[start angle=\last, end angle=\angle, radius=2cm];
        \draw[white, line width=1mm] (\last:1.3)--++(\last:1.4);
\node[line width=1mm, draw, circle, minimum width=2.5cm, white, fill=blue!80] {C/C++};
\node at (60:2cm) {Python};
\node at (108:2cm) {Other};
\node at (143:2cm) {Java};
\node[text width=1cm, align=center, font=\sffamily\bfseries\small] at (185:2cm) 
\node at (240:2cm) {Bash};
\node at (295:2cm) {Android};

enter image description here

  • nice use of \foreach capability. Where can I find description of all it possibilities? I have read TikZ manual many time and I didn't find anything similar. – Zarko May 12 '15 at 8:25
  • @Zarko "83. Repeating Things: The Foreach Statement", pages 890-894 in pgfmanual – Ignasi May 12 '15 at 8:40
  • Indeed! Now I see, that my reading of this section have not been carefully enough. Thank you very much. – Zarko May 12 '15 at 8:46

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