I am using the IEEEtran.bst file for formatting the bibliography in a paper I'm writing. Currently the bibliography entries appear in the sequence:

Author Name, "Article Title,"

I want to interchange the position of the comma and quotes after Article Title such that the bibliography entry appears as

Author Name, "Article Title",

Can you please suggest a way to do it.

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I just discovered this thread since I was trying to achieve the same. This is what I did to change the IEEEtran.bst formatting.

Move the quote.close entry in the output.nonnull function up so it ends up at the top. It should look like this:

FUNCTION {output.nonnull}
{ swap$
  prev.status.quote quote.close =
     { "''" * }
     { skip$ }
  prev.status.punct punct.comma =
     { "," * }
     { skip$ }


In order to retain the comma after the double quotes when the title should end with a punctuation mark, remove the punctuation mark check in the format.article.title function. It should look like this:

FUNCTION {format.article.title}
{ title duplicate$ empty$ 'skip$
    { this.to.prev.status
      "t" change.case$
  "title" bibinfo.check
  duplicate$ empty$ 'skip$
    { quote.close 'this.status.quote :=
      punct.std 'this.status.punct :=
      "``" swap$ *

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