According to the babel.pdf (dated 2005) , macro \Aref is used to

"write the correct definite article for the argument",

i.e. expanded to either 'A' or 'Az'. Since I upgraded to 2014 TeX, it expands to 'Appendix'. As I noticed, memman.pdf (dated 2015) redefines it as

"\Aref for Appendix".

I attempted to use \Azr instead, with the same result.

How can I fix this? (memman obviously broke compatibility)

Is there any tool that helps avoiding such clatches?


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I think it's a bad error of memoir to define \Aref that is not really meaningful for appendices; it's also wrong in defining \Cref for chapters, because this conflicts with cleveref.

However, in the case of \Cref, the cleveref package will happily do the redefinition, while in case of \usepackage[hungarian]{babel}, \Aref is not redefined because the code is

\ifnum\magyar@opt@@az \expandafter\ifx\csname Aref\endcsname\relax1\fi>1 % 21, 2, 11, 1

Since \Aref is defined at the moment the code is seen, the test returns false; since \magyar@opt@@az is 1, the definition is not performed.



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