I am very inexperienced with LaTeX. I have a tex file that has worked for a long time, then stopped without any changes to the file.

We purchased NeueHaasGrotDisp font. I have the fonts in OTF format.

I am getting the following error:

(C:\myPath\Program\Binaries\miktex\tex\xelatex\fontspec\fontspec.cfg))Running miktex-makemf.exe...
miktex-makemf: The NeueHaasGrotDisp-55Roman source file could not be found.

Running hbf2gf.exe...
hbf2gf (CJK ver. 4.8.3)

Couldn't find `NeueHaasGrotDisp-55Rom.cfg'

miktex-maketfm: No creation rule for font NeueHaasGrotDisp-55Roman.

! Font \zf@basefont=NeueHaasGrotDisp-55Roman at 10.0pt not loadable: Metric(TFM) file or installed font not found.
\zf@fontspec ...ntname \zf@suffix " at \f@size pt 
                                              \unless \ifzf@icu \zf@set@...
l.151 {NeueHaasGrotDisp}

My code:


%Regular Font
\newfontfamily\nhg [
  Path = {/Program Files (x86)/program/fonts/},
  BoldFont = *-75Bold,
  UprightFont = *-55Roman,
  ItalicFont = *-36ThinItalic,
  Extension = .otf

%Light Font
\newfontfamily\nhgl [
  Path = {/Program Files (x86)/program/fonts/}, 
  BoldFont = *-75Bold,
  UprightFont = *-45Light,
  Extension = .otf

At /Program Files (x86)/program/fonts/ I have the following files:

  • NeueHaasGrotDisp-36ThinItalic.otf
  • NeueHaasGrotDisp-45Light.otf
  • NeueHaasGrotDisp-55Roman.otf
  • NeueHaasGrotDisp-75Bold.otf

Would this happen if our font license expired? Is this checked when the font is loaded?

  • Are you missing Extension = .otf or similar? May 12, 2015 at 0:26
  • my .tex file doesn't have that code anywhere. Where would I put that?
    – ajon
    May 12, 2015 at 0:29
  • As one of the keys to \newfontfamily.
    – cfr
    May 12, 2015 at 0:34
  • I updated my code by including the Extension = .otf as a key to newfontfamily and I got all the same errors.
    – ajon
    May 12, 2015 at 0:39
  • 2
    Does windows allow paths with that format? I would have assumed you'd need to have Path={C:/Program Files/program/fonts/}. Also, it looks like you're using an extremely old version of fontspec. I recommend updating to the latest version of MiKTeX if possible. May 13, 2015 at 0:10

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Your path needs to be surrounded by braces {}. I also separate the ending comma-delimiters with a space.

Here is how I would do it.

I used:

  1. Folder called Fonts inside of base directory (where your font files are located)
  2. MinionPro*.otf (grabs all variants, assuming your file name scheme is fontname-type.otf where -type represents: -Bold, -Italic, -Regular, etc.)

(I have an extra file for semibold that I did not load with fontspec. I usually overcome this limitation by creating another font family or by replacing the bold font depending on the situation.)



    Path = {Fonts/} ,
    Extension = .otf ,
    UprightFont = *-Regular ,
    ItalicFont = *-It ,
    BoldFont = *-Bold ,
    BoldItalicFont = *-BoldIt


(Note that I am missing the lipsum package in the screenshot and the \yourcustomnameforthisfont. The screenshot is to show the relationship between the \newfontfamily code and the files.) enter image description here

  • I made those changes and the result is the same. Also note that I have the OTF files outside of Miktex. They are just in a random place on the computer (but my path is right). that shouldn't be a factor right? I also read something about a cache. Might the font be missing from the cache?
    – ajon
    May 12, 2015 at 8:03

As @Will_Robertson pointed out, I had an old version of fontspec installed. I actually had multiple versions of fontspec installed in different folders in miktex. Miktex was finding the older version and using it. Once I deleted the old version, it started working.

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