I have just installed TeXLive-2014 through MacPorts. But it doesn't come with a tlmgr executable. I previously used TeXLive-2013 installed with MaxTeX.pkg which had tlmgr as part of its installation. I don't see why the MacPorts installation doesn't contain it.

I really need tlmgr to install, update and upgrade packages from CTAN with ease. If this is not possible, is there any substitute for tlmgr in the MacPorts installation of TeXLive?

  • No, it's nowhere. See Adding a CTAN package to a MacPorts-maintained TeX installation for some discussion why. So the best solution is to install MacTeX and not to use MacPorts for TeX at all. – Alan Munn May 12 '15 at 4:55
  • Sadly, my command line GNU Emacs editor only listens to the MacPorts installation. Strangely, the App version uses the MacTeX distro. Does anyone know a way to change the terminal Emacs path to use the MacTeX distro? Or should I post this as a separate question altogether? – Ébe Isaac May 12 '15 at 5:05
  • Just add /usr/texbin to your PATH and Emacs should find the MacTeX version with no problems. – Alan Munn May 12 '15 at 5:08
  • To do this properly see Where is PATH modified to include /usr/texbin?. You will need to make sure that /usr/texbin comes before opt/ in the PATH, though if you keep the MacPorts TeX. – Alan Munn May 12 '15 at 5:16
  • I must say thanks. Your suggestion did not answer my question, however, it did solve my problem. I had set up my .profile to yield preference to MacPorts packages. I just had to include export PATH=/user/texbin/:$PATH. After sourcing, Emacs did use the MacTeX TeXLive 2013 installed earlier. – Ébe Isaac May 12 '15 at 5:40