I am trying to add a recipe in a multi-column table. Something like so:

    Some text  &  More text.\\ 

    {\begin{recipe}{Lemonade, version} {1 liter}{} \end{recipe}} \\ 


However when trying to compile this, TextStudio throws a number of errors. Plain text compiles without any problems.

Is the desired table even possible in LaTeX? All examples I've seen only handle plain text. If it is, how do I fix this?

EDIT: Much better after change, now after I get a "File ended while scanning multicolumn..." error.

    Some text  &  More text.\\    
    \multicolumn{2}{p{\dimexp12cm+2\tabcolsep}{\begin{recipe}{Lemonade, version} {1 liter}{} text & instructions \end{recipe}} \\

I'm not experienced with TeX (obviously) and examples with the error message only give suggestions of other code. I can't see what's wrong in the first place. Anyone with a more explicit explanation of what I'm doing wrong now?


You don't give any information, but I would guess recipie is a display environment so can not be in a c column (which is single line like \mbox) replace c by p{\dimexp12cm+2\tabcolsep+\arrayrulewidth} (or without the +\arrayrulewidth if you have not loaded the array package.

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