I am new to Latex. I have to write thesis for my MS. For that I search latex templates and find one template at http://web.mit.edu/thesis/tex/ I edit the template accordingly but not able to change the institute name. Can anyone help me changing the name. Thanks in advance.

  • Open the template and overwrite the name in template. It should be easily find with editor (find function). – Zarko May 14 '15 at 9:10
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    Read the Copyrights first. But you can use on preamble \def\MIT{MASSACHUSETTS INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY} \def\Mit{Massachusetts Institute of Technology} – Sigur May 14 '15 at 9:12
  • @Sigur: As long as the OP does not change the mitthesis.cls explicitly the redefinition of \MIT or \Mit should be no issue at all. The question is rather, if this class can be applied to a document that should not be a MIT thesis at all (otherwise the name change would be not really useful) – user31729 May 14 '15 at 9:28
  • @ChristianHupfer, this is the reason I suggested the OP to read the Copyrights before to use and change the template. – Sigur May 14 '15 at 9:41
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    @Zarko: Well, you implied that ;-) Again, this is the usual template crisis ... formatting issues, copyright issues ... that's why I don't like templates – user31729 May 14 '15 at 9:48

The MIT Thesis Template is meant for writing a thesis at MIT. It is not suited for other universities.

You can redefine the name of the institution using

\renewcommand{\mit}{School of Duck Science}.

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